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PODCAST: Mindfulness with Nik Ridley
Mindfulness is a motivational podcast that offers tools for achieving contentment and accepting personal happiness. I am a firm believer that life is all about will power. In fact, every interaction we have is a test of will. Peace and contentment are only choices away.


Join me in a FREE introductory Webinar on achieving personal happiness and contentment in 3 EASY STEPS! I will offer tools that you can implement QUICKLY and EASILY – signup TODAY!

“As we grow, and our character strengthens, we learn that successfully navigating this dream (Life) requires balance and mindfulness. Taking care of the thoughts that we choose to entertain. Being diligent in our acceptance of peace and prosperity. Disallowing negative influences and thought-patterns to weaken your resolve. All of which, incorporates balance and mindfulness.” -Nik Ridley

When: Thursday, Aug, 27th, 2015
Time: 7pm-7:30pm (MST)


How Online Classes & Training Works – Here are the steps to start:

1. Register for workshop that you want to attend.
2. You will receive a registration confirmation email from NikRidley.com.
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*Note: High-speed internet and/or cellular access for online classes (cable, DSL, satellite, WiFi). Some workshops require an access fee. A Google account is NOT required to access training workshops, HOWEVER in order to participate as a Host, you must have a Google Account.

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