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Welcome to! I am a professional consultant, trainer, and wellness coach dedicated to promoting and maintaining personal balance, business success, and sustainable living. I am excited to share with you my wellness lifestyle training program, Road to Contentment Wellness Lifestyle System™. On this site you have access to inspiring podcasts, engaging blog articles, and dynamic trainings. I always welcome new connections, so feel free to contact me with feedback and suggestions you may have. Enjoy, and please Share!

We all have a story to tell that has shaped and molded us into who we are, and whether good or bad, we have made agreements with our responses to what Life has given. And, just like a computer, we have an “operating system” constantly running in the background and software (or choices) that allow us to live, work, play, etc. The beautiful thing about Life is that we can remove the “programs” that no longer serves us and install programs that enable a wellness lifestyle!
I have had my share of challenges. I have experienced divorce, the passing away of a parent, unemployment and homelessness. Simply put, I was living a difficult life rife with bad agreements and an improper attitude which led to a litany of poor choices. Choices regarding the people I surrounded myself with, where my time was spent, etc. Choices that were not in my best interests. I didn’t know my worth. Let me share how I “got over” by offering you the tools that has helped me rebuild, rewire my thinking, LOVE myself and practice a wellness lifestyle. For sure, it is a daily process but, most importantly, if I can do it – you can too!
I believe that a wellness lifestyle has to be in-step with our current realities, I am sharing Road to Contentment Wellness Lifestyle System™, a simple, 7-step wellness training system showing you how to incorporate 7 “CORE” wellness fundamentals (click on Module links for overview):
Module 1: Accept Wellness as a Lifestyle
Module 2: Live Sustainably, Use What You Need, & Minimize Waste
Module 3: Take Care of Your Body
Module 4: Feed Your Mind
Module 5: Nourish the Spirit
Module 6: Honor Your Environment & Personal Space
Module 7: Surround Yourself with People Who Love & Support You


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Margo Elfstrom is a Denver-based photographer who specializes in photographing female entrepreneurs and in helping women explore their psyches through visual empowerment and communication. Her background is in Marketing and Industrial Psychology, yet exited the corporate world 5 years ago in order to explore a creative career…she hasn’t looked back.
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